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Google ranking has made it possible for search engine optimization to be effective and exclusive. This is because poor contents and wrong use of words or placement of keywords, it may be difficult to make a possible impression on a lot of people. And if Google ranking on a blog is favorable, the aim of setting the blog in the first place is achieved. It is important that a blog should be seen within any search engine first three pages if it must make a difference internet.

SERP means search engine results pages, this is where any visitor can type their queries or keywords into the search engine’ search box. If your keywords cannot be seen by spiders, it would be very difficult for your blog to be seen.  And if you would want your blog to rank very high in any search engine like Google, the page URL, page title and the description of the pages should be taken care of. There are two kinds of listing of search engine result pages that a blogger should understand.

This would help them to be sent to different areas and fields that the blog would be relevant to. It matters where you link your blog to because that is what would help your blog climb the rank. It is not going to make sense if you are writing to a small audience when you posts are for a wide range of people.  There is this feeling that comes from liking your posts and following you after every post which is why we try to do better than we have done in our previous posting.

Promoting your responsive website to a great market level online can be like trying to pass a camel through an eye of a needle. Due to the large scale of rivals and the cost of trafficking online, Google ranking has become very keen and professional.   The world today is now so sweet that you get virtually all you need online making people to want to get the knowledge of the advantages and gains associated with online marketing.

The amount of time that you would put into the responsive website platform when it comes to making extra income is an important factor that would consider if you are serious or not.  The story of making it so fast when it comes to business is not true.  It is a scam business that would pay you with a short time eCommerce without you putting time into the responsive website. It is important that you should spend at least two hours every day if you would want to earn profit eCommerce. This is what would support you.

However, it is only Google ranking that would make people see you faster than your adverts. It is not every website that is online that is able to pull stunts when it comes to maintaining a good ranking with Google. This is because of  a lot of people would love to make use of the first page websites on the search engine to work online.